About AI4GEO

The availability of 3D Geospatial information is a key stake for many expanding sectors: Sustainable and Smart Cities, Ecological Mobility, Autonomous Vehicules, Economic Intelligence and consumer markets …

Its production is now possible and highly scalable thanks to the abundance of available data (Open Data and satellite constellations). It needs nonetheless a certain level of skilled manual intervention to secure a certain level of quality, which prevents mass production.

The new technologies involving AI and Big Data are key in lifting these obstacles.

The AI4GEO project aims at developing a Geospatial Information production platform and developing new high added-value services.

The AI4GEO consortium is constituted with institutions and industrial groups (Large, medium and small companies) covering the whole value chain of Geospatial Information (from the data acquisition to the downstream applications).

With a 4 years’ timeline, the project is structured around 2 R&D axes which will progress simultaneously and feed each other.

The first axis will consist in developing a set of technological bricks allowing the automatic production of qualified 3D maps and additional layers of information (3D objects and associated semantics). This collaborative work will benefit from the latest research from all partners in the field of AI and Big Data technologies as well as from an unprecedented database (satellite and airborne data (optical, radar, lidar...) combined with cartographic and in-situ data).

The second axis will consist in deriving from these technological bricks a variety of services for different fields: 3D semantic mapping of cities, macroeconomic indicators, decision support for water management, autonomous transport, consumer search engine and IT platform.

The project is intended to be evolutive and could also contribute to other applicative fields.